Solid Waste Treatment

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Leveraging on the benefits of pro-biotics, OS solid waste treatment technology is helpful in quickly stabilizing all kinds of organic solid wastes. Our product ensures that natural resources are conserved at all times, thereby bringing in sustainability. Our solutions are extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of applications, be it city level composting, household composting or landfill or dump yard sanitization.

To meet the demands of the solid waste management industry we have engineered a symbiotic mixture of microbes and herbs that are able to convert any organic biomass into good quality compost. We have also engineered solutions for landfill sanitization which provide relief to citizens, authorities as well as rag-pickers.

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Key Benefits
Control in vectors
Population of disease causing vectors like flies & mosquitoes is suppressed

Foul odor suppression

The volume of harmful gases is suppressed which helps in controlling foul odor in a matter of hours.

Easily Scalable
The product can be scaled up to any size of operation

Easier Segregation of waste
Segregation is easier and more hygienic

Faster Composting
The organic matter gets decomposed within 30-40 days