Sewage Treatment

OS Sewage Treatment is an advanced technology to revolutionize the waste water treatment industry. We offer turnkey customized solutions for all sewage treatment problems, be it setting up a new STP or increasing the efficiency of an existing plant.

Organic Solutions offers reliable, cost effective and environment friendly solutions for waste water treatment. We offer customized products and solutions to meet the stringent demands of the pollution control boards without creating any downstream problems. We have engineered our proprietary green technologies to treat sewage and waste water in a hassle free way.

Our solutions are engineered to treat and recycle waste water as per the client’s requirement and the treated water can be used for horticulture, gardening, flushing, and many other applications.

We custom design the system keeping in mind the end use of treated water, and thereby contribute immensely in preserving the extremely vital natural resource- water

Key Benefits
Low Operating Costs
Reduced electricity bills, minimal maintenance

No Waste

Treated water is recycled

No Mess
Reduced sludge handling

Environmental Friendly
No hazardous or toxic smell

Low noise levels
Comfort assured

Foul odor suppression
The volume of harmful gases is suppressed which helps in controlling foul odor in a matter of hours.

Reduction in Pathogens
Probiotics ensure growth of healthy bacteria