Aerobic Sewage treatment

We assist our clients in setting up state of the art, innovative, aerobic sewage treatment plants. We customize our solutions according to the requirement, space and end use of the treated water. Our eco-friendly solutions allow you to process sewage and waste water in a hassle free way. Our solutions are best in class in terms of flexibility, process stability, cost of operation and maintenance


Research around the world has determined and documented that different blends of bacteria degrade organic matter at different rates. In STPs/ETPs the most common bacteria are ones that arrive with the fecal matter. Most waste treatment plants are designed around the BOD loading formulas for the fecal bacteria, even though these species of microbes are amongst the least efficient degraders.

The OS STPs are designed around the metabolism rates of specially engineered blend of microbes and enzymes which are specifically chosen due to their high efficiency of degrading and stabilizing organic waste. The addition of beneficial microbes shortens the treatment cycle and increases the efficiency of the STP. It also reduces nuisances like foul odor and heavy sludge deposits and also makes the plant more stable and ready for shock loads.

We use specially engineered media to enable high biomass concentration which in turn enables the use of a smaller aeration basin and also reduces the sludge volume.

Ideal Applications

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
Key Features
  • Aerobic Sewage Treatment

    • Eco-friendly
    • Meets CPCB norms
    • No nuisance
    • Designed around “performing bacteria” BOD assimilation loads
    • Reduced power requirement
    • Reduced corrosion of equipment
  • Key Benefits
  • Aerobic Sewage treatment

    • Suppression of foul odor
    • Reduced sludge handling
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Lower energy loads
    • Eco-friendly
    • Enhanced capacity of plant