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Sewage treatment:

OS Sewage Treatment is an advanced technology to revolutionize the waste water treatment industry. We offer turnkey customized solutions for all sewage treatment problems, be it setting up a new STP or increasing the efficiency of an existing plant.Organic Solutions offers reliable, cost effective and environment friendly solutions for waste water treatment. We offer customized products and solutions to meet the stringent demands of the pollution control boards without creating any downstream problems.

Solid waste treatment:Leveraging on the benefits of pro-biotics, OS solid waste treatment technology is helpful in quickly stabilizing all kinds of organic solid wastes. Our product ensures that natural resources are conserved at all times, thereby bringing in sustainability. Our solutions are extremely versatile and suitable for all kinds of applications, be it city level composting, household composting or landfill or dump yard sanitization.

Foul odor removal:Our product is an all natural, environment friendly odor reducer containing powerful pro-biotics and their metabolites which inhibit odor. OS probiotic technology offers a revolutionary product that reduces odor in a number of environmental applications.Odor control treatment is an issue in various industries. High contents of organic matter can lead to the formation of malodors as well as the degradation of sulphur, phosphate and nitrogen. Malodors can lead to putrefactive odors as well as pollutants that can lead to diseases making the environment unsafe. OS Probiotics Technology has the ability to solve this issue through its properties of digesting harmful organic compounds and breaking them down into smaller, less volatile compounds which are actually beneficial to the environment.

Bioremediation:Advanced Bionics Solution for treatment of drains and water bodiesNature has silently treated our waste without the use of chemicals, heavy aerators and mechanical equipment. We have emulated nature’s principles in our modern methods of waste treatment to devise innovative and cost effective technologies to clean water bodies like lakes, rivers and drains. Our expertise of environmental engineering and microbial applications in sewage treatment aids us in ensuring that the treatment is carried out at minimal cost, time and effort.

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