Power of Microbes


Microbes make up most of the biodiversity on Earth, and several of the processes which microorganisms perform are vital for the existence of life on earth.

Knowledge of microbes in the environment help mankind develop ecosystem services and find strategies to utilize and preserve our natural resources in a long term sustainable manner without harming the natural balance.

Microbes are the chief workers and elements of the 3.8 billion years worth of R&D known as evolution.

Think Microbes are bad guys? Think again
Humans depend on microbial communities in more ways that they can imagine. For example microbes:
1) Make air breathable
2) Keep us healthy
3) Provide sources for new drugs and medicines
4) Help us digest food
5) Support and protect crops
6) Degrade our waste

Mother Earth's natural resources are created and maintained by billions of microbes. The quality of air, water and soil depends upon the type and population of these microbes present. In a natural environment, free of pollution, generally one finds an abundance of neutral microbes. There is a fine balance between beneficial and harmful microbes.

The presence of pollution creates an imbalance where the harmful microbes dominate, thereby slowly destroying the natural resources. Re-creating this microbial balance leads to cleaner water, suppression of harmful microbes and foul odour in the most cost effective way. OS probiotics helps to restore this balance by introducing powerful microbes in the area, which create a suitable environment for the beneficial microbes to thrive and thereby increase their presence and outnumber the harmful microbes.