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OS1TM-SW is a symbiotic mixture of beneficial microbes that act like a catalyst in decomposing organic matter into valuable and nutritious compost. 45-55% of a city's garbage is organic in nature, so composting plays an important role in diverting wastes from landfills, thereby conserving landfill space, arresting climate change, and producing revenue generation opportunity in form of nurtitious compost. Projects can be small scale as on a household level, or large scale projects of composting city level municipal waste.


It is a certified organic and non-toxic product and thus does not need any protective gear during use and application. The microbes present in OS1-SW are 100% natural and Non-GM (non-genetically modified).

Composting is one part of the Indian Waste Story, however in reality due to lack of awareness and initiative most of the organic matter lies rotting in massive landfills. These landfills create environmental pollution, release harmful gases into the atmosphere, deteriorates natural resources and causes nuisance and health hazards to authorities, rag pickers and neighboring citizens. OS1-sw can also be used for landfill treatment and reduces foul odor, population of vectors like flies and mosquitoes and creates hygienic working environment for authorities and ragpickers.

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Ideal Applications

  • Home composting
  • MSW Composting
  • Dumpyards
  • Landfills
Key Features
  • OS1dms-SW

    • Eco-friendly
    • 100% Natural
    • Versatile Application
    • Control of odor and vectors
    • No downstream problems
    • Easy Application
    • Easy Multiplication
    • Fast Results
  • Key Benefits
  • OS1dms-SW

    • Suppression of foul odor
    • Control of vectors
    • Treatment of leachate
    • Faster composting
    • Nutritious compost
    • Reduction in emission of gases
    • Anti-oxidant properties
    • Reduction in pathogens