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Microbes form the basis of life on earth. Microbes are present in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the water of our lakes and rivers, in the plants and animals around us. Microbes are already present everywhere and they are available free of cost. So the natural question is why should one buy OS microbes?

Our technology is simple in its essence. We have engineered a group of specific pre-selected probiotic microbes and enzymes for the betterment of different types of eco-systems.

Although microbes are present everywhere, what is more important is the kind of microbes that are present in a system and their capabilities. All microbes are not the same. They vary in their metabolism capabilities and in their ability to benefit plants, animals and environments that interact with them. They also vary in their ability to survive in different physical conditions. Different microbes behave differently under the same conditions.   

Our technology is based on an in-depth understanding of how the microbes affect a particular eco-system and how we can change the environment by changing the balance of microbes present in that environment. Microbes and environment interact dynamically with each other and mould each other to achieve sustainability. 

For example curdling of milk and spoiling of milk are both outcomes of microbial activity. However, both outcomes are different. In curdling microbes not only turn milk into a useful product but they also stop other spoilage organisms from growing into the milk. Imagine this happening in your STP/ETP plant where OS microbes not only reduces COD and BOD and but it also stops other pathogens from growing. Imagine this happening in your compost pile where OS microbes not help you make valuable compost, but also destroys weed seeds and pathogens. Imagine OS microbes improving the soil quality and at the same time suppressing disease spreading microbes.

Our technology is a mini microbial ecosystem that we alter and apply according to different applications. It is by changing the microbial ecosystem that we change the environment be it in a WWTP, Agriculture, Composting, Landfill Treatment, Lake Remediation, Odor removal or anywhere else.