About Us

About Us


Organic Solutions is a specialized company in the field of environment services providing innovative, cost effective, sustainable and natural waste treatment solutions. Driven by our pursuit of innovation, we are able to create the cutting edge approach, facility, processes and the team necessary to provide a greener environment to the world. Each project is customized to suit the needs of the client to achieve the desired results.

Our products and services are suitable for a variety of industries and applications and are fast finding favor in both government and private sectors.

We are ‘Eco-warriors’ and strive to create a greener and better world for our future generations. We do NOT advocate power and labor intensive technologies and have engineered a range of green treatment technologies to reduce your carbon and water footprints.

Organic Solutions’ mission is to be the premier developer and global provider of probiotic technology, strategically partnering with others to offer products and services that improve the environment.

Our Philosphy

Nature became our source of inspiration when we started looking for solutions for the ever growing problem of waste in India.

Nature’s eco-systems are circular, renewable and zero-energy based systems. We have incorporated the same principles in our technology to provide green treatment solutions that are truly eco-friendly. Since the very beginning, Nature has silently treated our waste without powerful equipment, aerators, chemicals or electricity. Then why should we use any of these to treat our waste?

Nature alone is unable to handle the ever growing waste problems due to increase in population and urbanization. Enter Organic Solutions with innovative, cost effective and eco-friendly solutions that work hand-in hand with nature

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